Movement Begins on Captain America 3

Reported by Zac Platt.


We’re still a few months away from seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but rumors about a third installment are already bubbling up. Variety have reported that Marvel Studio’s are so impressed with how Winter Soldier has turned out and how well it’s being received in test screenings, that they are already moving to lock directors Anthony and Joe Russo in for Captain America 3. The threequel hasn’t officially been green lit yet, but unless Winter Soldier somehow bombs, it’s a pretty safe bet we’ll be getting another solo adventure for Cap.

Negotiations won’t take part until after Winter Soldier opens and none of this is yet to be confirmed by Marvel or the Russo Brothers. That being said, having worked their way up through television (most notably on NBC’s Community), it seems unlikely the Russos wouldn’t jump at the chance to come back for another Marvel Blockbuster.

At any rate, it sounds like Marvel are confident The Winter Soldier is something special. The tale of super-hero espionage draws inspiration from Ed Brubaker’s epic 8 year run on the comics (one of the most critically acclaimed comic-book stories of the last decade), so there’s definitely plenty to work with. If it all comes together as it sounds like it has, this could well turn out to be the best super-hero movie we’ve seen since The Dark Knight.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be released April this year.

– Z.P.