Movie 43 and After Earth “Win” at the Razzies

1108146 - After Earth

The “winners” of this year’s Razzie awards have been announced. Yes, the “logical antidote to Tinsel Town’s annual glut of self- congratulatory awards” have awarded the worst that U.S. cinema offered us in 2013. First up, Worst Picture. There was a lot of competition for this one, with After Earth, The Lone Ranger and Grown Ups 2 just some of the nominees up for the award. In the end, the Worst Picture Razzie was handed to Movie 43, the cinematic abomination that had the cojones to not only be made, but to call itself a comedy. Movie 43 was also handed the Worst Director award, awarded to “The 13 People Who Directed Movie 43″.

Those who hated After Earth as much as we did will be happy to know that the film didn’t leave empty handed, not in the slightest. Jaden Smith was handed the Worst Actor trophy, while his father earned himself a Worst Supporting Actor award. Not only did father and son receive a Razzie each, but they were awarded the Worst Screen Ensemble of 2013. Poor Smiths.

Worst Actress, for the 8th time, went to Tyler Perry – in drag, his “acting” in A Madea Christmas simply continuing his proud tradition of epic fails. Worst Supporting Actress  was awarded to Kim Kardashian, the famous-for-being-famous socialite who has hopefully learnt her lesson: don’t try to act again, ever. Her performance in Tyler Perry’s (honestly, that name just sums it up now doesn’t it?) Temptation.

Source: The Razzies