NETFLIX Australia: JULY 2024 Release Schedule (With Trailers)


Here’s the complete release schedule of everything hitting NETFLIX Australia throughout the month of JULY 2024. We’ve also included the trailers that have been made available!

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3 July 2024

  • Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F (United States):

Forty years after his unforgettable first case in Beverly Hills, Detroit cop Axel Foley returns to do what he does best: solve crimes and cause chaos.

  • Love Is Blind: Brazil: Season 4 (Brazil): Episodes 9-10:

In this season, singles, once engaged or married, explore new romantic possibilities and make deep connections without seeing each other first.


4 July 2024

  • Barbecue Showdown: Season 3 (United States):

The mouthwatering cooking competition returns as nine contestants face off in a fiery battle to be the next barbecue champion.

  • Rhythm + Flow France: Season 3 (France): Episodes 1-4:

New jury. New rules. Superstar judges SCH, SDM and Aya Nakamura shake it up in their quest to crown the new biggest name in French-language rap.

5 July 2024

  • Desperate Lies (Brazil):

Due to a rare phenomenon, a woman finds herself pregnant with twins by two men. Over time, she strives to keep her family united — and her secrets hidden.

  • Goyo (AR):

A young autistic museum guide lives by a strict routine — until he falls in love with his coworker and must confront a whirlwind of new, intense emotions.

  • Rhythm + Flow France: Season 3 (France): Episodes 5-7:

New jury. New rules. Superstar judges SCH, SDM and Aya Nakamura shake it up in their quest to crown the new biggest name in French-language rap.

  • The Imaginary (Japan):

Rudger, a made-up friend, gets separated from his best friend Amanda and must team up with lost Imaginaries to get back to her before he fades away.

7 July 2024

  • High Ground (Australia)

Set against the stunning landscapes of 1930s Arnhem Land, HIGH GROUND chronicles young Aboriginal man Gutjuk, who in a bid to save the last of his family teams up with ex-soldier Travis to track down Baywara—the most dangerous warrior in the Territory, who is also his uncle. As Travis and Gutjuk journey through the outback they begin to earn each other’s trust, but when the truths of Travis’ past actions are suddenly revealed, it is he who becomes the hunted.

9 July 2024

  • The Boyfriend (Japan):

Over the course of a month, a group of men live under one roof and run a coffee truck together to connect and hopefully meet their one true boyfriend.

  • Hannah Berner: We Ride at Dawn (United States):

A new stand-up special from comedian Hannah Berner.

10 July 2024

  • Eva Lasting: Season 2 (Columbia):

Eva’s return sparks a new round of school debates, deep chats, dating dramas, magical moments of camaraderie — and endless hope for Camilo.

  • Receiver (United States):

This riveting sports series follows the 2023 season of NFL receivers Deebo Samuel, George Kittle, Amon-Ra St. Brown, Davante Adams and Justin Jefferson.

  • Sugar Rush: The Baking Point: Season 2 (Mexico):

Ready, set, whisk! Emotions — and cakes — run high as six new teams whip up jaw-dropping culinary creations to wow the judges and take home the dough.

  • Wild Wild Punjab (India): Cold cases, bizarre creatures and more puzzling events are reexamined by witnesses, law enforcement and experts in this chilling docuseries.

11 July 2024

  • Another Self: Season 2 (Turkey):

As they continue to explore their ancestral traumas, Ada, Sevgi, and Leyla face life-altering decisions amid new beginnings in coastal Ayvalık.

  • Vanished into the Night (Italy):

A father, immersed in a difficult divorce process, embarks on a dangerous mission when his children disappear from their isolated country house.

  • Rhythm + Flow France: Season 3 (France): Episodes 8-9:

New jury. New rules. Superstar judges SCH, SDM and Aya Nakamura shake it up in their quest to crown the new biggest name in French-language rap.

  • Vikings: Valhalla: Season 3 (United States):

Seven years have passed. As Harald aspires to become King of Norway, Leif searches for the Golden Land and Freydis seeks a happy life for her people.

12 July 2024

  • Exploding Kittens (United States):

It’s the ultimate fight between good and evil when God and his nemesis, the spawn of Satan, are sent to Earth to live with humans — as talking cats.

  • Lobola Man (ZA):

Ace Ngubeni, a slick lobola negotiator, faces his toughest deal yet for a shy client — only to find the stakes are higher than cash.

  • The Champion (Spain):

A hot-headed football star has it all until a fight gets him benched and assigned a new tutor: a reclusive academic who’ll teach him to face his fears.

  • Blame the Game (Germany):

Pia invites her new boyfriend Jan to her regular game night, but the unannounced arrival of Pia’s ex raises the stakes for everyone.

  • Kenny (Australia)

From the biggest festival to the smallest church social, Kenny Smyth delivers porta-loos to them all. Ignored and unappreciated, he is one of the cogs in society’s machinery; a knight in shining overalls taking care of business with his faithful ‘Splashdown’ crew.

Follow Kenny as he tackles every septic challenge that comes his way, culminating in a pilgrimage to that Mecca of waste management, the International Pumper and Cleaner Expo in Nashville Tennessee – or as Kenny affectionately calls it, “Poo HQ”.

With fly-on-the-wall honesty and wit, ‘#Kenny’ lifts the lid on one of Australia’s roughest diamonds as he juggles family tensions, fatherhood and sewage with charm, humour and unflinching dignity.

14 July 2024

  • Miss Night and Day (South Korea):

A woman who magically switches between her 20s and 50s lands an internship at the Prosecution Service, caught between two generations and a tough boss.

16 July 2024

  • Chad Daniels: Empty Nester (United States):

A new stand-up special from comedian Chad Daniels.

  • Homicide: Los Angeles (United States):

LA County Sheriff’s Department investigators reveal chilling details about notable cases in this true-crime docuseries from the creator of “Law & Order.”

17 July 2024

  • The Green Glove Gang: Season 2 (Poland):

Hiding and on the run, the Green Glove Gang is forced to resurface when one of their sons entangles with a fierce gangster, prompting a showdown.

  • T・P BON: Season 2 (Japan):

Now an official Time Patrol agent, Bon continues his extraordinary rescue missions through space-time while mentoring his new assistant, Yumiko.

  • Simone Biles Rising (United States):

18 July 2024

  • Cobra Kai: Season 6 Part 1 (United States):

With the global tournament approaching, Daniel and Johnny work to rebuild their team. But old enemies and new threats stand in the way of victory.

  • Master of the House (Thailand):

A family enters a power struggle following the death of their patriarch, who leaves behind his diamond empire — and the housekeeper he recently married.

19 July 2024

  • Find Me Falling (United States):

After a failed comeback album, a rock star (Harry Connick Jr.) escapes to a cliffside home on a dreamy Mediterranean island, only to find his new life complicated by unwanted visitors — and an old flame.

  • Skywalkers: A Love Story (United States):

Two real-life daredevils test the limits of their love and trust by illegally scaling one of the world’s tallest buildings to perform an acrobatic stunt.

  • Sweet Home: Season 3 (South Korea):

The world teeters on the boundary between monsters and humans, leaving humanity with a difficult choice. As desires clash, a desperate fight ensues.

24 July 2024

  • Dirty Pop: The Boy Band Scam (United States):

This compelling docuseries tracks the rise and fall of Lou Pearlman, the music mogul who created and exploited some of the biggest boy bands of the ’90s.

  • Love of my life (Columbia):

The young and fierce daughter of a wealthy landowner falls for a charismatic young labourer — only for their families to tear them apart.

  • Resurrected Rides (United States):

Comedian Chris Redd works with a dream team of car experts to breathe new life into worn-out rides with stunning customised makeovers.

25 July 2024

  • Kleo: Season 2 (Germany):

Former East German spy Kleo continues her whirlwind rampage through post-Cold War Europe, sending her deeper into her own past than she would like.

  • The Decameron (United States):

As the bubonic plague spreads through Italy, a group of nobles and servants retreat to a villa, where their lavish getaway quickly spirals into chaos.

  • Tokyo Swindlers (Japan):

A team of swindlers gets wind of prime real estate worth 10 billion yen and will stop at nothing to pull off their most ambitious scam yet.

26 July 2024

  • Elite: Season 8 (Spain):

Omar and Nadia reunite just as graduation nears for students at Las Encinas and one last mystery pushes friendships — and enemies — to the brink.

  • House of Ga’a (NG):

Bashorun Gaa recounts the rise and fall of a ruthless kingmaker who wielded deceit and voodoo to reign, only to be undone by his own blood.

  • Non Negotiable (Mexico):

Hostage negotiator Alan Bender is called to rescue the president from a kidnapping, only to find himself also mediating to save his wife and marriage.

  • The Dragon Prince: Season 6 (United States):

As Callum and Rayla set out in search of a way to destroy Aaravos, their friends face the elf’s insidious influence in both Xadia and Katolis.

  • The Bank (Australia)

Power. Corruption, Revenge. With a stellar local cast including David Wenham, Sibylla Budd and Anthony LaPaglia THE BANK is a corporate thriller in which the good guys lose and the rich guys just get richer. Centabank CEO Simon O’Reilly (LaPaglia) declares that he is “like God, but with a better suit”, and he is as ruthless as he is successful. But when a maverick mathematician, Jim Doyle (Wenham), joins O’Reilly’s fold with a formula for predicting the fluctuations of the stock market, he must prove to his avaricious mentor that he follows the “greed is good” philosophy.

  • The Inseparables

31 July 2024

  • Mountain Queen: The Summits of Lhakpa Sherpa (United States):

The first Nepali woman to conquer Everest sets out to ascend the peak for a 12th time while battling personal and professional obstacles.