Watch: ‘Big Mouth’ Monsters Getting Spinoff Series


Some exciting things ahead in the world of Big Mouth.

Netflix has announced that the fantastic, jaw-dropping animated coming-of-age series Big Mouth is set to spawn a spinoff series. Get ready for Human Resources, described as “a workplace comedy” that’s set in the world of Big Mouth‘s monsters.

No further plot details were revealed, but you can imagine we’d be getting a much better insight into the jobs that characters such as Maurice, Connie, Ricky and the Shame Wizard have to do. Perhaps it will be something like Pixar’s Inside Out, although, you know, with swearing and dick jokes.

Big Mouth creators Nick Kroll (who voices Nick Birch), Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett are the creators of Human Resources, and are joined by Big Mouth producer and writer Kelly Galuskawill. All of them will exec produce. This marks the first project under a new overall deal that Kroll, Goldberg, Levin and Flackett signed with Netflix under their newly formed animation production company, Brutus Pink. The deal will have the company creating a variety of animated projects in both film and television.

Check out the very quick announcement video Netflix released below, teasing what may the lead character and a bit of the world he (?) will inhabit. There’s a skull building with a sign that reads “Bureau of the Dead,” so that could potentially have a decent-sized part to play.



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