Netflix Buys Will Smith, Joel Edgerton Thriller from David Ayer

will smith joel edgerton david ayer

In what is being called the network’s biggest deal yet, Netflix is acquiring the rights to David Ayer’s next film.

THR reports that Netflix has prevailed in a bidding war for Bright, a cop thriller with a twist from director Ayer (End of Watch, Fury, Suicide Squad) and screenwriter Max Landis (Chronicle, American Ultra).

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton are attached to star in the film, which is being described as End of Watch meets Alien Nation, the ’88 sci-fi film starring James Caan and Patinkin as a human and an alien cop forced to team up. Bright tells the story of a human cop (Smith) who has to work with an Orc (Edgerton) in order to find what many are after – a powerful wand.

Bright marks quite the get for Netflix, which previously made the well-received Idris Elba drama Beasts of No Nation. Although the streaming giant has entered negotiations for Bright, THR points out that a solid deal is yet to be locked in.

The project has been pegged with an estimated budget of between $80 million and $100 million, with a production commitment attached for the studio that jumps on board, a factor that can prove to be of concern to studios. Apparently one studio offered up $55 million, but that was turned away.

Warner Bros. is said to be very happy with Ayer’s work on the highly anticipate Suicide Squad, so much so that they want him and the cast to move onto a sequel as soon as possible. We’ll keep you posted.