New Still From Lovelace Teases

lovelace d09 _163.NEF

EW has released a brand new image of Amanda Seyfried playing Linda Lovelace in the upcoming film Lovelace. The film will tell the story of Lovelace, who’s oral skills in the notorious porn film Deepthroat threw her into the spotlight overnight. Representing the world of adult films well before the age of sites such as maturepornvideos, Sharon Stone, Juno Temple, Wes Bentley, Hank Azaria, Robert Patrick, Bobby Cannavale and Peter Sarsgaard will co star. James Franco will appear as Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and Adam Brody (seated in the chair) will play fellow porn actor Harry Reems. Their antics may just mirror the kind seen on Nu Bay and other lewd sites, depending on how far the film goes!

Lovelace will make its world premiere next week at the Sundance Film Festival.