Offspring Of Disney Characters in Disney Channel Movie

Reported by Lily Davis.


For the countless children that grew up with a strong love of Disney characters there is some very exciting news. An original film has been announced featuring the offspring of several sinister fairy-tale villains.

Deadline has announced that director and choreographer Kenny Ortega has signed to direct Descendants. Ortega is well-known for directing another hit Disney production, High School Musical. Many eagerly await what his influence will be on this live-action adventure-comedy.

Descendants is said to encompass a wide range of familiar and treasured characters.  These include offspring of the infamous Cruella De Vil and Maleficent, as well as the descendants of heroes such as Sleeping Beauty, The Fairy Godmother and Mulan. Many will be speculating on how these characters will be tied together.

Josann McGibbon and Sara Parriott (Runaway Bride) developed the screenplay. The story is set in the modern day where all Cruellavillains and evildoers have been exiled and imprisoned on a forbidden island; along with their children. A new, teenage king (the son of Beast and Belle from Disney’s Beauty And The Beast) declares that these young people will be offered a unique opportunity. They will be allowed to attend a prep school alongside the offspring of beloved characters such as Rapunzel. This causes them to question whether they should surrender to their villainous roots or fight to preserve good.

Gary Marsh, President and Chief Creative Officer of Disney Channels Worldwide, has described the process; “We mined Disney’s treasure trove of stories and developed a new, comedic approach to the fabled characters everyone knows and loves. The result is a modern and unexpected re-interpretation of classic heritage characters utilising contemporary, relatable settings and themes.”

The Disney Channel’s original movie franchise has had an extraordinary track record, producing five of the top six movies in cable television history. Is Descendants destined for similar success? The premiere can be expected on the Disney Channel in 2015.

Source: Deadline