Watch: Emma Stone & ‘Moonlight’ Director Barry Jenkins Talk Oscar Mistake

Image via Entertainment One

As expected, the internet is in a frenzy over that history-making Oscar snafu.

The La La Land team was in the process of accepting their Best Picture Oscar when they were stopped and told that there had been a mistake: Moonlight was the actual winner.

A positive to take from the entire situation is the love that has been demonstrated from both sides. Talking to media backstage after the Oscars, new Academy Award winners Emma Stone and Moonlight director Barry Jenkins shed a little bit of light on how they were feeling.

“God, I f**king love Moonlight!” Stone expressed, before adding that she had been holding her card the whole time. “I was also holding my ‘best actress in a leading role’ card that entire time. So whatever story, I don’t mean to start stuff, but whatever story that was, I had that card.”

Jenkins said the Academy had not offered him an explanation, that Beatty had shown him the card afterwards, and threw love to the La La Land team for “being so gracious.”

And according to Variety, La La Land director Damien Chazelle did not stay behind to talk to media “and left the Governors Ball early, at 10:45 p.m., before any of the other winners.”