Mel Gibson Working on ‘Passion of the Christ’ Sequel

the passion of the christ - movie

Well, this is interesting.

12 years after Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ opened to a huge run, raking in $US611.8 million (on a budget of $US30 million) and becoming the highest-grossing independent film of all time, comes word that a sequel is in the works.

Oscar-nominated screenwriter Randall Wallace, who penned Gibson’s Best Picture-winning Braveheart, has confirmed to THR that he’s started working on the screenplay for a sequel.

The still untitled sequel is set to follow on from where The Passion of the Christ left off, telling the story of Jesus’ resurrection.

“I always wanted to tell this story,” THR quotes Wallace as saying. “The Passion is the beginning and there’s a lot more story to tell.”

Wallace, whose directing credits include The Man in the Iron Mask, We Were Soldiers and the 2014 religious-themed Heaven Is for Real, says the demand from Christian audiences is partly behind the decision to go ahead with a sequel.

Apparently there are several parties willing to invest in the project, which is still in its very early stages. There’s no word on whether Jim Caviezel is eyeing a return to the role of Jesus or when production could occur. We’ll keep you informed.

Wallace has also co-written Hacksaw Ridge, the upcoming Andrew Garfield-starring war drama that marks Gibson’s first film in director’s chair since 2006’s Apocalypto. Hacksaw Ridge is scheduled to hit the U.S. on November 4. On the acting side of things, Gibson will next be seen in the thriller Blood Father, lined up for an Australian release on August 25 and a U.S. release on August 26.

To refresh your memory, here’s the trailer for The Passion of the Christ: