Pixar to Re-Release The Incredibles in 3D

the incredibles

Get ready to experience The Incredibles once again, but this time in the third dimension. Pixar is currently in the process of converting the Academy Award-winning film to the 3D format for an upcoming re-release. Screen Daily is reporting that Ratatouille is also to be converted for another stab at the box-office. After the success that Pixar had with their 3D versions of Toy Story and Toy Story 2, as well as Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc., this doesn’t come as too much of a surprise.

While speaking at the 3D Creative Summit in London, Pixar’s director of 3D production Josh Hollander had the following to say:

“Right now we’re working on The Incredibles, which is a lot of fun in 3D. I’m not sure what the release strategy for it will be. It’s been an interesting challenge to work on technology because – while the film was released 10 years ago – the technology is even older as it took four years to make.”

Interestingly, Hollander also spoke about the decline in audiences wanting 3D. He suggested that it might be due to the amount of films that are unnecessarily released in the format:

“I think that we as an industry may have lost some of our audience for 3D with releases that didn’t beg for the medium or didn’t warrant the medium or didn’t use the median in a nuanced and sophisticated and comfortable way. I think it’s possible that we drove some folks away from 3D with the higher ticket price or whatever else.”

Hollander also spoke a little about an upcoming Pixar project, also to be delivered in 3D. The film, titled Inside Out, is to take place inside a young girl’s mind. Up and Monsters Inc. director Pete Docter is at the helm. Hollander had this to say:

“The movie is just pure magic. We’re looking at how translucency and opacity is used, which plays really well in 3D. There’s not much more I can share about it but it will build upon our use of 3D, supporting ‘emotions’ and emotional moments.”

Inside Out is set to be released in June, 2015.

Source: Screen Daily