Playing It Cool Trailer: Chris Evans Leads a Rom-Com

Check out the trailer for Playing It Cool, previously known as A Many Splintered Thing, an upcoming rom-com with Chris Evans in the lead. Admittedly, we completely missed the trailer when it came out in September, but don’t tell anyone.

Playing It Cool sees Evans star as ME (yep), a screenwriter who’s trying to find his way around love when he’s hired to write a rom-com. Of course, things get complicated when he meets HER (Michelle Monaghan).

It’s always great to see Evans on screen, especially alongside a cast with this many big names, but Playing It Cool feels a little too been-there-done-that to provide much excitement. It’s certainly a typical rom-com, at least by the looks of the trailer, but we’re hoping the R-rated shenanigans and great cast help raise this above the clichés that look to be on offer.

Playing It Cool stars Chris Evans, Michelle Monaghan, Luke Wilson, Topher Grace, Anthony Mackie, Aubrey Plaza and Philip Baker Hall. Scroll down to check out an international poster for the film as well.

No official release date has been announced.

Official synopsis for Playing It Cool:

This is the story of ME (Evans), a young man disillusioned by love, who meets a breathtaking young woman, HER (Monaghan), at a charity dinner by pretending to be a philanthropist. Only one problem: she’s engaged. Yet, he engages into a platonic relationship to be able to keep seeing her. Like a young Walter Mitty using the power of imagination and wild vignettes, HE will stop at nothing to conquer HER heart.

Playing It Cool poster foreign