‘The Predator’: Benicio Del Toro Drops Out, Boyd Holbrook Moves In


Some unfortunate news regarding Shane Black’s upcoming Predator movie.

Actor Benicio Del Toro, who was said to be circling the lead role last month, is no longer up for the part. No details regarding why negotiations have stopped were released.

While one name is off the list, another one has popped up. According to THR, the outlet that broke the news, Twentieth Century Fox is now eyeing Narcos actor Boyd Holbrook as The Predator‘s new lead.

Seeing as Holbrook is still on the rise and not quite the household name as yet, the studio is apparently planning on “beefing up the supporting cast.” The film is to be an ensemble piece, so there are a number of roles for other big names to jump on.

This marks yet another big step in Holbrook’s working relationship with Fox. The actor had roles in Gone Girl and Morgan, and will soon be seen as the main villain in the upcoming Wolverine film, Logan.

The Predator is scheduled for US release on February 9, 2018.