Quentin Tarantino’s Manson Movie: Margot Robbie Confirmed to Join DiCaprio & Pitt, Plus More Enter Talks

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One hell of a cast is being lined up for Quentin Tarantino’s next film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

After locking in Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, the wait was on to see whether Margot Robbie would sign on to play Sharon Tate. Well, as per Deadline, not only is the Aussie actress officially on board, we now have a number of other big names to potentially add to the cast list.

Tarantino is reportedly in talks with Burt Reynolds to play George Spahn, the real-life person who, at age 80 and nearly blind, allowed Charles Manson and his followers to live on his L.A. ranch in the months leading up to the murder of Tate and six others. Apparently Manson paid Spahn by convincing his female followers to sleep with him.

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Also in talks are Tim Roth, Kurt Russell and Michael Madsen, who all co-starred in Tarantino’s most recent film, The Hateful Eight. Although there aren’t any details on what characters they will play, word is that they’re circling smaller roles.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood will follow a former TV star (DiCaprio) and his stunt double (Pitt) as they embark on an odyssey to make a name for themselves in the film industry during the Charles Manson murders in 1969 Los Angeles. The film is said to be in the vein of Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, following various characters through intersecting stories.

Sony has scheduled the film for worldwide release on August 9, 2019. Stay tuned for more as this very high-profile project comes to life.

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