‘Rambo’ Reboot Movie in Development without Sylvester Stallone

Image via TriStar Pictures
Image via TriStar Pictures

A Stallone-less Rambo reboot is on the way from Nu Image/Millennium Films.

After four films playing the ass-kicker that is John Rambo, Sylvester Stallone looks to be stepping aside for a younger actor to take on the mantle and possibly lead a whole new franchise.

According to THR, Nu Image/Millennium Films are rebooting the action-movie franchise with a focus on a younger version of the character, the new take on the character described as being “akin to James Bond.”

Attached to direct the reboot film, which is to be titled Rambo: New Blood, is The Iceman and Criminal helmer Ariel Vromen. Up-and-coming scribe Brooks McLaren will be writing the screenplay.

The franchise originally spawned with 1982’s First Blood, an adaptation of David Morrell’s 1972 book of the same name. Rambo: First Blood Part II took on a more blockbuster action-movie approach and was a big hit. 1988’s Rambo III didn’t exactly ace it with critics and audiences, and stopped the franchise in its tracks until Stallone’s 2008 actioner Rambo.

It was reported last December that Fox was developing a television series that would focus on the relationship between Rambo and his son, J.R., a character created for the show. There’s no word on whether that’s still in the works, although it’s looking highly unlikely.

The question now: Who will play a young Rambo? We’ll keep you in the loop.