Road Wars: Mad Max Meets Star Wars in Awesome Fan Trailer

When we think Star Wars, Mad Max doesn’t usually come to mind, and vice versa. But, here we are, drooling over an awesome fan-made trailer that mashes up Star Wars and George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road.

YouTuber Krishna Shenoi, who also made that hilarious “alternate scene” for Gravity, has worked his editing skills into a laser-shooting, desert-driving, Charlize Theron & Tom Hardy-starring, lightsaber-swinging frenzy here. Enjoy.

And in case you still (somehow) haven’t, be sure to read our Mad Max: Fury Road review HERE and watch the exciting trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens HERE…and you may as well watch Matthew McConaughey’s reaction to the trailer HERE.

road wars - fan trailer - screenshot