Lucasfilm Reportedly Halts Star Wars Spinoff Films After ‘Solo’ Fail


Lucasfilm may be heading back to the drawing board regarding the future of their spinoff films.

Solo: A Star Wars Story has thus far earned $US343 million worldwide. Generally that number would be nothing to scoff at, but for a big Star Wars release? Rogue One, the first of the new spinoff films, ended up breaking the$US1 billion mark, The Force Awakens passed $US2 billion and The Last Jedi made $US1.3 billion.

Solo would have cost around $US125 million to make, but that budget was almost doubled when directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired deep into production and Ron Howard was brought in to rework the film. So, taking into account a $US200 million+ budget and massive marketing and distribution costs, the film would end up needing to hit around $US450 – 500 million to hit that break-even point.

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Which brings us a report by Collider, whose sources claim that Lucasfilm has put the breaks on A Star Wars Story spinoff chapters – at least for the time being, focusing instead on Star Wars: Episode IX. Apparently there was indeed an Obi-Wan movie in development, but those that were working on it are no longer attached. There’s also now a big question mark surrounding the Boba Fett movie, which Logan helmer James Mangold was in talks to direct.

It appears Disney has been a little too keen to churn out as much Star Wars as possible in a short period of time. Nevertheless, there’s still plenty on the horizon. J.J. Abrams’ Episode IX is currently in pre-production and is scheduled to open in December 2019, Last Jedi director Rian Johnson is working on spearheading a new Star Wars trilogy, anime-style animated series Star Wars Resistance is in the works, and Jon Favreau is developing a live-action series for Disney’s upcoming streaming platform.

Jonathan Olley / Lucasfilm