‘Space Force’: Steve Carell & ‘The Office’ Creator Reunite for Comedy Series Based on Trump’s Idea


Okay, so it’s not a Steve Carell-starring reboot of The Office, but this could be the next best thing.

Netflix has announced that Carell is reuniting with The Office (US) creator/EP Greg Daniels for a workplace comedy series titled Space Force, which will offer up a comedic take on the “Space Force initiative” Donald Trump announced in June 2018.

The comedy series will be following the people tasked with creating a sixth branch of the armed services… Space Force, an initiative that Vice President Mike Pence said would aim to defend from satellite attacks and perform other space-related tasks. Space Force still isn’t a thing, by the way, since the now Democratic-heavy Congress would have to authorise and fund it.

More info in a sec, but first check out the announcement promo Netflix released:

Carell is credited as co-creator of Space Force, which he will also be starring in and serving as executive producer. Daniels, who’s also known for Parks and Recreation and King of the Hill, co-created the series, will be the showrunner, and is also to executive produce. Howard Klein (The Mindy Project, Parks and Recreation) will also be an EP.

This sounds like a great canvas on which to craft a workplace comedy, and when you add in the reuniting of Carell and Daniels, you can count us as downright pumped. Fingers crossed for what unfolds here.

And in case you were interested in seeing what Trump was on about, here you go:


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