‘Supergirl’ Comic-Con Panel & Trailer Reveal What’s Ahead in Season 3

Image credit: The CW

The Supergirl cast and creators didn’t hold back too much when it came to revelations of the upcoming third season.

Although the overall story arc remains a mystery, we were given many insights into what’s coming up for each and every character. The Comic-Con panel contained cast members Melissa Benoist, Katie McGrath, Odette Annable, David Harewood, Mehcad Brooks, Jeremy Jordan, Chris Wood and executive producers Robert Rovner and Jessica Queller.

A trailer was also shown at the panel, highlighting the difficulties Kara is facing after the events of the Season 2 finale. In the trailer we hear her say “Kara Danvers was a mistake”, which ties into the season’s theme of what it means to be human. Benoist comments that “the scale is leaning very heavily towards Supergirl” this season when it comes to the balance between Kara’s superhero and secret identities. It seems she may be rejecting her secret identity entirely, which is something that has kept her grounded since day one.

Before we continue, check out the trailer:

Alex Danvers

While cast member Chyler Leigh wasn’t able to make it to the panel, Benoist commented that Kara will be relying heavily on her sister during this time. Also, Alex will be facing some difficulties of her own in the new season when it comes to her relationship with Maggie (Floriana Lima). The producers revealed that she’ll be trying to find the balance between her work and personal life, which is an interesting parallel to her sister’s journey. We also know that Lima isn’t available as a full-time cast member anymore, so that will have an effect on how much we see of the popular Alex/Maggie relationship.

James Olsen

It seems as if James Olsen (Brooks) will be having a big season of his own coming up. This was exciting news, as he felt very underused in all areas of Season 2. Not only will he have a brand new love interest, he’ll be continuing his work as both the Guardian and a photojournalist at CatCo. Brooks said he is most interested in the love interest angle as it will allow him to “show a side that you haven’t seen from James in a while” – since the past season has mostly focused on him as a kick-ass vigilante.

Lena Luthor

New series regular Katie McGrath spoke about how she wants Lena to find out about who her real mother is. McGrath said her favourite part about playing Lena was that she got to “make such an iconic name my own”. Being so closely tied in with the Luthor name, there’s a lot that could potentially be explored. In the trailer above, Lena butts heads with one of the new characters played by Adrian Pasdar. McGrath seemed excited to go toe-to-toe with another strong character and it’s clear that Lena won’t be backing down easily.

Winn Schott

When it comes to Winn, Jordan hopes that while Lyra is still in the picture as his girlfriend, he’ll be able to get into some deeper things this season. “I feel that Winn has sort of a depth to him that we haven’t really explored a lot,” Jordan said, particularly referring to his criminal father and the demons he holds within. With Chris Wood on the panel, it was only natural that the producers would be teasing Mon El’s return. Mon El’s return and how it will happen will be “one of the central mysteries of Season 3”, but at least one thing’s for sure: he definitely isn’t going anywhere.

J’onn J’onzz

As for J’onn (Harewood), the return of his father will shake things up for him. “J’onn always thought he was the last Green Martian,” Harewood said, “So it’s going to be extraordinary to find that not only is he not the last Green Martian, but the other one is his father.” Harewood added that he wouldn’t mind if he and M’gann (Sharon Leal) continued their relationship. Seeing as M’gann was one of the best surprises of Season 2, it would be great to have her back.

Image credit: The CW

New Cast Members

When it comes to new cast members, Adrian Pasdar will be joining the cast as DC villain Morgan Edge; Carl Lumbly will be jumping on board as J’onn’s father, M’yrnn J’onzz; Emma Tremblay will be playing a character by the name of Ruby; and Yael Grobglas will be playing another DC villain, Psi.


The most notable new cast member, however, is Odette Annable, who will be playing the season’s villain, Reign. “What’s so great and so different about this villain is that she has a very specific agenda,” Annable explained. “She’s not out to kill everybody she sees. She also doesn’t just want to rule the Earth. She has her own reasons for dispensing her justice that will unfold throughout the season.” The actress also noted that she’s already shared a few scenes with Benoist. Having another strong female join the cast is exactly what Supergirl needs this season.

It was also revealed that fan favourite Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) will be recurring throughout the season as well.


The cast managed to somehow tease plenty and keep much hidden at the same time. There’s a lot to be excited about in the upcoming season, and a lot of mysteries yet to be solved. No doubt we’ll be exploring a brand new side of the Girl of Steel and it will be refreshing to see her on her own solo journey once more.