Ten Best TV Shows to Be Trapped Inside


Gossip Girl

The CW

Stepping into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite has its up and downs, but the perks arguably outweigh the negatives. Drama aside, whether you’re inserted into Brooklyn or the Upper-East side, you’re bound to have some fun if you’re associated with the inner circle. You might be Blaire’s minion or someone Serena dates, either way you’re in for one hell of a glamorous ride or at the very least privy to some entertaining gossip – just as long as you’re not on the wrong side of one of B’s takedowns.

Star Trek

 Paramount Television
Paramount Television

Most kids had a fascination with space and the endless possibilities it entails. And for many of us, that childlike wonder never really goes away. What better show to explore these possibilities than Star Trek, where you can whizz around space, travelling on the USS Enterprise, exploring new worlds and galaxies with Captain Kirk and co, and meeting different life forms and new civilisations – all on the one day! And if you ever get homesick you could just take a visit to the holodeck and bring up a simulation of home or anything else your mind can conjure.


 Paramount Television
Paramount Television

If you’ve studied at a U.S. college, you may have lived this already, but many of us that haven’t may have had a dream or two about that college lifestyle. Being stuck in Community would basically be living that dream, albeit in a fun, exaggerated way. Also, school-wide paintball fight! What more is there to want? With such a diverse group of students, you never know what to expect; every day would be unlike the last!

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

E! Entertainment Television
E! Entertainment Television

Okay, stick with me. Despite all the drama, who wouldn’t want to be filthy rich and paid to simply be themselves? Look at all the followers they all have individually and combined on Instagram! It’s unreal. No wonder why anyone who loves this family would aspire to at least have a decent number of followers by opting to get instagram followers for free. It’s a start. Of course, you’ll get access to Kim’s seemingly endless supply of designer pieces! Kylie and Khloe also have some sensational closets, with clothes and shoes to spare. And let’s not forget the glamour, parties, A-lister friends and failsafe business ventures.


 ABC Studios
ABC Studios

Who’s dreaming of a bromance/friendship like that between Turk and J.D.? How about the great chemistry amongst the entire hospital staff? Despite the little tiffs here and there, the difficulties of the job and the variety of personalities, there is a deeply infectious group dynamic. Imagine, just imagine, being excited to go to work!

These were just some of our best TV shows to be trapped in – was yours on the list? If not, let us know which show you’d like to be trapped inside in the comments section below!