Marvel X-Men Series ‘The Gifted’ Cancelled, Potential for New Home

20th Century Fox TV

Bad news for fans of 20th Century Fox TV’s Marvel series The Gifted.

After two season and 29 episodes, The Gifted has been cancelled. Fox decided that it would not renew the series for a third chapter, a move that comes as Disney’s takeover takes full effect and a stronger demand is placed on ratings when deciding what will continue.

Rating wise, The Gifted saw moderate numbers. The first season averaged 3.31 million total viewers, while the second season’s average viewership dropped to 1.95 million.

There may still be hope. As per Deadline, “there is a chance for The Gifted to find a new home within the Disney family.” Series producer Marvel Television has shows on Freeform (owned by Disney) and Hulu (controlled by Disney), so there is the possibility the series could be set up at one of those homes. We’ll keep you informed.

Set in Marvel’s X-Men universe, the series followed a suburban couple who discover that their teenage children hold mutant powers. They’re all forced to go on the run from the government, seeking the help of a mutant underground network in the fight for survival. Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker, Natalie Alyn Lind, Percy Hynes White, Sean Teale and Jamie Chung were among the cast members.

Image via Fox
Image via Fox


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