First Poster for Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight


Well, this is a pretty cool surprise. Quentin Tarantino only confirmed that this would indeed be his next movie a few days ago, telling the Comic-Con crowd, “Yeah – We’re going to be doing The Hateful Eight.” The film hasn’t even started filming yet, so it’s a hell of a thing to already be looking at a poster for the next Tarantino picture. Empire writer Nick de Semlyen took to Twitter and released the poster below, posting it with the comment: “Tarantino’s next movie (which hasn’t started shooting yet) has a cool ad in our new issue…”


It’s a simple poster, to be sure, but it’s pretty damn cool all the same. Of note, check out the CinemaScope logo at the bottom. Yep, it appears that the original plan of shooting The Hateful Eight in 70mm will still be going ahead. This is bound to be awesome to see in cinemas, but finding one that offers 70mm projection may involve some searching. Tarantino fans have got to be happy with how The Hateful Eight is coming to fruition, considering it wasn’t even that long ago that a script leak had Tarantino ready to scrap this as his next picture.