‘The Innocents’ Trailer: Shapeshifting Isn’t Fun in New Netflix Series


A new trailer has arrived for Netflix‘s upcoming supernatural series The Innocents.

Sorcha Groundsell (Clique) stars as June McDaniel, whose life takes one hell of a turn when she discovers that she comes from a line of shapeshifters. The ability is anything but fun, as evidenced in the trailer below. It looks like a nicely crated, moody series, and having Guy Pearce on board can’t hurt either.

The series was created by Simon Duric and Hania Elkington and is directed by Farren Blackburn (Daredevil) and Jamie Donoghue (The Last Kingdom). Watch out for all 8 episodes of The Innocents, also starring Percelle Ascott and Jóhannes Hauker Jóhannesson, to arrive on August 24.

Synopsis for The Innocents:

June McDaniel has a major change in her life when she discovers that she comes from a line of shapeshifters on her mother’s side. She will have to wrestle with the choice of going on a journey to discover more about her mother and how her shapeshifting ability works and that of staying with her boyfriend Harry who has been by her side through it all. Who can she trust as she embarks on her journey? Remember what you see is not what you see in the world of The Innocents.