‘The Last of Us: Part 2’ Gameplay Trailer Goes From Sweet to Bloody Brutal

Naughty Dog / Sony Interactive Entertainment

The very first gameplay trailer for The Last of Us: Part II has been released, and yeah, it looks spectacular.

The hype kicked off when that gorgeous reveal trailer was released and that ultra-violent trailer in November 2017 really got that buzz going. Well, we’re fast approaching fever pitch excitement now with the first gameplay trailer to arrive as part of this year’s E3 conference.

The trailer kicks off with a wonderfully crafted cut scene featuring Ellie at a dance. It leads to quite the tender moment between Ellie and a friend, before we’re thrust into the gameplay section. Of course, Naughty Dog continue their run of jaw-dropping visuals and slick-as-hell gameplay design. We go from stealth, as Ellie sneaks through a forest while avoiding baddies, to all-out brutality. The masterpiece that was the first game was most definitely violent, and if that previous trailer wasn’t clear enough, the follow-up is taking it up a notch. Suffice it to say, maybe give this a miss if strong carnage is something you’d like to avoid.

Hopefully there isn’t too long until we reunite with Ellie and Joel. The Last of Us: Part II still doesn’t have a release date.

Naughty Dog / Sony Interactive Entertainment