Virality Pays Off: The Leviathan Attracts Simon Kinberg & Neill Blomkamp


simon kinberg - neill blomkamp

The internet, including us, went nuts for the 3-and-a-half minute concept video released a week ago for The Leviathan. Fast forward 1.2 million Vimeo views later, and some big names are on board to get the feature off the ground.

Simon Kinberg, known as an X-Men writer and producer, and Neill Blomkamp, whose film Chappie is currently doing the rounds, have attached themselves to the project. Kinberg is spearheading the project as producer and Blomkamp is on board as executive producer.

Deadline reports that quite a few producers were lining up to pitch their take on the project by filmmaker Ruairi Robinson, who made the concept video off a screenplay by Fight Club screenwriter Jim Uhls. Those producers didn’t stand a chance once Kinberg moved in, his first-look deal with Fox providing Robinson with even more incentive.

The Leviathan tells of a future where mankind can travel to many worlds faster than the speed of light. The fast travel is made possible by harvesting matter from the eggs of large whale-like creatures, which are hunted down by mostly involuntary labour.

The concept short, apart from being an entertaining and very well made CG sequence, does exactly what it should: show off the idea’s potential.