‘The Midnight Gospel’ Trailer: ‘Adventure Time’ Creator Gets Adult with Netflix’s Bonkers-Looking Sci-Fi Series


Take a look at the trailer that’s arrived for The Midnight Gospel, a nutty-looking animated sci-fi series heading to Netflix.

Meet Clancy, a “spacecaster” who decides to stick his head in a malfunctioning multiverse simulator and interview beings living in other worlds. What could go wrong? As is evidence in the teaser trailer below… a lot.

This craazzeeee-looking series comes, unsurprisingly, from Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward. It certainly has an Adventure Time style to it – although with more blood and cussing. Duncan Trussell from the Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast is co-creator. Netflix has a pretty damn good run with animation, impressing with the likes of Big Mouth, F is for Family, Castlevania and Bojack Horseman. Could this be another one to add to the list?

The Midnight Gospel hits Netflix on April 20.



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