‘The Reckoning’ Trailer: New Horror from ‘The Descent’ & ‘Game of Thrones’ Director Neil Marshall

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Check out the trailer that’s dropped for The Reckoning, an upcoming period horror film from director Neil Marshall (The Descent, Dog Soldiers, Game of Thrones).

The film is set in 17th century England during the Great Plague and tells of how Grace Haverstock (Aussie actress Charlotte Kirk, Ocean’s 8), after losing her husband to the plague, is unjustly accused of being a witch. She’s arrested and placed in the custody of England’s most ruthless witch-hunter, Judge Moorcroft (Sean Pertwee, Gotham, Dog Soldiers). While being forced to endure torture – both physical and emotional – she finds herself facing her own inner demons as the Devil himself starts to work his way into her mind.

It’s been quite a while since Marshall impressed on the feature front. After breaking out with cult soldiers vs. werewolves movie Dog Soldiers and following it up with impressive horror film The Descent, sci-fi action film Doomsday, and historical actioner Centurion, Marshall went on to tackle the small screen, directing episodes of shows such as Game of Thrones, Hannibal, Westworld and Lost in Space. He made his first film in nine years with 2019’s Hellboy, which really wasn’t well received (although, we didn’t mind it).

Fingers crossed for The Reckoning, which he also co-wrote with Kirk. The film hits limited US cinemas on February 5th, the same day it’s released On Demand and Digital.

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