‘The Shining’ Honest Trailer Hilariously Looks Back at Stanley Kubrick’s Epic Bath Warning

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With horror sequel Doctor Sleep about to hit cinemas everywhere, perhaps there’s no better time to look back at Stanley Kubrick’s seminal work of horror, The Shining. And perhaps one of the best lenses to look through is that of the Honest Trailer.

The Honest Trailer has arrived for the 1980 Stephen King adaptation, which changed a lot from King’s book and was – of course – negatively received by the author. Look back at “2 and half hours of Kubrick’s signature style, that’s either a masterclass in building tension… … … or kind of boring.” Admittedly, some parts could test some patience.

There’s a lot to poke fun at, from the three characters pulling crazy faces, staring at the camera, and just roaming around, to that psychic cook that travels there and is essentially useless, to a key demise coming as a result of simply not having the right jacket. There’s also a spot-on take on what a trailer for The Shining would be like today.

Doctor Sleep, starring Ewan McGregor as an older Danny Torrance, arrives in Australia on November 7 and opens in the US on November 8.

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