Training Day Television Series on the Way



The fantastic 2001 crime thriller Training Day is getting a television series adaptation.

According to Deadline, Training Day director Antoine Fuqua has joined forces with big-shot Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer (Top Gun, Bad Boys, Con Air, Pirates of the Caribbean) for an adaptation that is currently being shopped to broadcast networks.

Training Day saw Ethan Hawke playing a rookie LAPD cop who gets more than he bargained for on a one-day training course with a corrupt narcotics detective (Denzel Washington). Hawke earned an Oscar nomination and Washington took home his second Oscar win.

The series is said to still be focusing on the relationship between two cops and is to be taking place 15 years after the events in the film. As a spin, the adaptation may see the corrupt cop being a white character and the rookie as being black.

Fuqua, who currently has Southpaw on an international roll-out, initially came up with the idea for the project. Warner Bros TV came on board, as did Jerry Bruckheimer TV, and Will Beall (Gangster Squad, TV’s Castle) came on to pen the script.

NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox are all taking pitches for the series. We’ll let you know who bites.

Here’s a trailer for the original film, which was penned by Fury and Suicide Squad director David Ayer:

  • No series could match the movie in scope and depth nor more importantly acting…” Please stop entertaining that Bullsht!!”