U.K. Trailer for Japanese Remake of Unforgiven

A U.K. trailer has been released for the Japanese remake of Clint Eastwood’s masterpiece Unforgiven. Those familiar with Eastwood’s Academy Award-winning western will be able to see the blatant similarities, which begs the question: why bother? Still, we are yet to see this, and the 1880’s Japanese setting could work to justify the rehash. Reviews are mixed, but it’s safe to say that the film looks quite good. Ken Watanabe is a fantastic actor and the cinematography looks superb. We’ll see…

Check out the film’s synopsis, along with two international posters, underneath the trailer.


Set in Hokkaido, Japan in the 1880’s.

Jubei Kamata (Ken Watanabe), who is on the side of the Edo shogunate government, kills many people. His name is infamous in Kyoto. When the battle at Goryoukaku is about to be finished, Jubei disappears.

10 years later, Jubei lives with his kid in relative peace. He is barely able to make a living. Protecting his dead wife’s grave, Jubei has decided to never pick up a sword again, but due to poverty he has no choice but to pick the sword again. Jubei becomes a bounty hunter.



ETA: UK – 28 February, 2014.