‘Vice’ Trailer: Christian Bale Transforms into Vice President Dick Cheney

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Take a look at the first trailer to arrive for Vice, a new film from The Big Short director and co-director Adam McKay.

Christian Bale has undertaken another physical transformation for this biographical comedy-drama, putting on weight to play former US Vice President Dick Cheney. On board as George W. Bush is Sam Rockwell, Amy Adams plays Lynne Cheney and Steve Carell is Donald Rumsfeld.

The film tells of Cheney’s rise in politics, moving from Chairman and CEO of Halliburton Company to become of the most powerful Vice Presidents in US history. He played a big part in steering the Bush administration’s stands and policies, from entering Iraq, the “War on Terrorism”, the NSA wiretapping scandal and the rise of “enhanced interrogations techniques”, to name but a few. There’s a ton to mine in Cheney’s history-making dealings, and if McKay’s work breaking down the mortgage housing crisis of 2005 into an entertaining, digestible package with The Big Short is any indication, we could be in for an insightful, funny and stirring winner here.

The crazy-good cast also includes Jesse Plemmons, Eddie Marsan, Tyler Perry and Alison Pill. Vice will be hitting US cinemas on 21 December. An Australian release date is pending.

With a stellar cast including Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Steve Carell and Sam Rockwell, Oscar winning writer/director Adam McKay (The Big Short) brings his trademark wit to the fascinating true story of Vice President Dick Cheney in this brilliant new comedy. After being employed by the Bush campaign in 2000 to find the best candidates for vice president, Cheney (a transformed Christian Bale) settles on himself for the role, going on to claim more power than any vice president in history.

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