New ‘Vice Principals’ Trailer: Danny McBride and Walton Goggins Go Head to Head

HBO -vice-principals-danny-mcbride-walton-goggins

Danny McBride and the consistently impressive Walton Goggins go head to head in Vice Principals, the upcoming comedy series from HBO that has its latest trailer below.

Created by McBride and Jody Hill, who previously teamed up on the comedy feature The Foot Fist Way and HBO comedy series Eastbound & Lowdown, Vice Principals tells of a high school and the two men competing for the top position.

The amusingly vulgar new trailer paints a fun picture of what we can expect from the new series, with both McBride and Goggins looking to put ramp up the type of personas we’ve seen them tackle before. We’re in.

Vice Principals will premiere on HBO on July 17 (U.S. date).

Synopsis for Vice Principals:

Created by Danny McBride and Jody Hill, who also created HBO’s EASTBOUND & DOWN, VICE PRINCIPALS is a dark comedy series that tells the story of a high school and the two people who almost run it, the vice principals. McBride and Goggins star as the rival administrators, who are in an epic power struggle, vying for the top spot: to be school principal. The half-hour show is slated for 18 episodes over two seasons. Premieres July 2016.