This ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ Character Connects to the Original Franchise

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For the most part, the new Planet of the Apes cinematic franchise has been its own beast, tackling its own angle on the original franchise’s sci-fi narrative. But the next film, War for the Planet of the Apes, will offer up the strongest connection to the original film yet.

The fantastic first trailer for War for the Planet of the Apes kicks off with a look at one of the new characters from the film. We see Caesar, Maurice and a little girl, a character Caesar is clearly unhappy to have in his company.

20th Century Fox
Image credit: 20th Century Fox

So, who is this little girl? As confirmed by EW, the outlet that also unveiled the new image below, the little girl goes by the name of Nova and is played by young actress Amiah Miller.

“The battle is not just between the humans and the apes, but in Caesar’s soul,” Reeves told EW. “The girl is his pull back to his empathy and — for lack of a better word — his human side.”

Now, those that have followed this cinematic brand closely will recognise the name of Nova from the original 1968 film, Planet of the Apes.

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The original film introduced Nova as a primitive woman, played by Linda Harrison. After George Taylor (Charlton Heston) and fellow astronauts crash-land on an unknown planet, they set off through a wasteland until they find an oasis, where they encounter a primitive group of humans who are unable to speak. Our lead astronaut finds himself attracted to one of the women, whom he later names Nova.

Harrison reprised her role as Nova in the 1970 sequel Beneath the Planet of the Apes, which followed the sole survivor of an interplanetary rescue mission as he searches for the only survivor of the previous expedition.

Image via 20th Century Fox
Charlton Heston and Linda Harrison in ‘Planet of the Apes’ | 20th Century Fox
Linda Harrison in 'Beneath the Planet of the Apes' | 20th Century Fox
Linda Harrison in ‘Beneath the Planet of the Apes’ | 20th Century Fox

It’s not a hundred percent clear, but it’s likely that this Nova isn’t meant to be the same character from the original, considering the first Apes takes place around 2000 years after this trilogy. So perhaps consider this a nice easter egg/nod to the originals. Unless, of course, there’s more to it than that.

War for the Planet of the Apes footage screened at New York Comic-Con showed more of the new Nova and how Caesar and co. come to find her. Potential spoiler ahead.

As per Collider:

Caesar and his apes kill her father after stumbling upon their home. Maurice is the one who convinces Caesar to take her with them, fearing she will die on her own.

20th Century Fox
Image via 20th Century Fox

The third film in the new franchise will find Caesar and the apes going up against a ruthless Colonel played by Woody Harrelson. As conflict approaches fever pitch, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind.

War for the Planet of the Apes arrives in Australia on July 13 and opens in the US on July 14, 2017.