Watch Kylo Ren Take Part in ‘Undercover Boss’


If you’ve seen successful reality show Undercover Boss, you know the premise: the head of a company goes undercover among their everyday employees to learn the ins and outs of the job and what their workers are needing/wanting.

So, it’s only right that U.S. sketch show Saturday Night Live spoof Undercover Boss using the lead villain from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

SNL took advantage that actor Adam Driver was on board as host, giving us a sketch that sees Kylo Ren going undercover as Radar Technician ‘Matt.’

“I’m looking forward to having some real talk with some real folks,” Driver says, amusingly playing with Kylo’s unstable and deadly serious persona.

It’s a great bit, with plenty of nods for Star Wars fans to enjoy and a couple of highly amusing bits.

“Hearing that Zack lost his son really struck a nerve with me. Especially since I’m the one that killed him.”