Watch: Pixar Short Film ‘Purl’ Tackles Workplace Bro Culture


Take a look at the new short film released from Pixar, Purl.

The short has been crafted as part of the animation studio’s SparkShorts program, which was created to allow up and coming animators and storytellers to craft shorts that showcase their creativity, put their skills into practice and allows them to experiment with different production workflows. It’s a great idea, and it’s one that can deliver some creative works for our viewing pleasure.

Purl tackles the negative side of bro culture head on, telling the story of a ball of yarn, feminine character Purl, who manages to get a job in a start-up company named B.R.O. Capital (in case it wasn’t obvious enough). She tries to fit in and… well, see for yourself below.

That Pixar vibe is well and truly present, and although the angle highlights some very real and very unfortunate workplace cultures, the short culminates in an optimistic way that doesn’t actually criticise “bro culture” per se, but more the exclusion and intolerance for differences that can propagate. It’s sweet, although it probably isn’t one for the very little ones.

Directed and written by Kristen Lester (storyboard artist on 2013 CG-animated film Epic) and produced by Gillian Libbert-Duncan (a line producer on Pixar’s WALL•E).

And here’s a quick info video Pixar released shedding some light on the SparkShorts program:



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