Watch Samuel L. Jackson’s F-Bomb Filled PSA: “Stay the F**k at Home”

For every out-of-touch “Imagine” rendition (shudder), there’s been a fun celebrity PSA and feel-good vid related to this damned virus. Check out Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s Shaun of the Dead-inspired PSA if you still haven’t.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is still happening, although in an altogether different format, of course, with Kimmel delivering videos from home and interviewing guests online. Samuel L. Jackson is a recent guest – and he’s decided to a provide a reading of a highly important, not-quite-for-kids children’s book, Stay the F**k at Home. And yeah, it’s great.

For those that didn’t know, this serves as a bit of a sequel to Jackson’s previous viral reading, Go the F**k to Sleep, from a few years ago. We’ve included that one below.

“The ‘rona is spreading/ This sh*t is no joke/ It’s no time to work or roam/ The way you can fight it/ is simple, my friends/ Just stay the f**k at home.” The story reading begins at 6:08.

And in case you hadn’t heard Jackson reading Go the F**K to Sleep, here’s the uncensored version…

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