Watch: Sherlock Seven-Minute Mini-Episode

A Sherlock seven-minute mini-episode has been released as a treat for the holiday season. BBC has posted the new “episode”, featuring Dr. John. H. Watson (Martin Freeman) and Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade (Rupert Graves), in an attempt to provide some exposition for the upcoming season return.


The network has also posted Watson’s “last blog”, which ends with the following:

And now it’s time for me to be honest. I’m meant to be keeping this blog to remind me of the good times. I know it’s meant to be healthy but what’s the point? I need to properly move on. I need to put it all behind me and move on.

And I’m so tired of deleting comments from people who don’t believe me. Who think all this is a lie. I know it was real. There are so many people out there who know that all this was real. They believed in Sherlock.

And I’ve found someone. So I should concentrate on that.

So this’ll be my last blog.

Sherlock, you bastard, wherever you are. Cheers.


You can read the entire blog entry right HERE.


Official synopsis for the pilot episode, ‘The Empty Hearse’:

“Two years after the devastating effects of “The Reichenbach Fall,” Dr John Watson has got on with his life. New horizons, romance and a comforting domestic future beckon. But, with London under threat of a huge terrorist attack, Sherlock Holmes is about to rise from the grave with all the theatricality that comes so naturally to him. It’s what his best friend wanted more than anything, but for John Watson it might well be a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’! If Sherlock thinks everything will be just as he left it though, he’s in for a very big surprise…”

Sherlock season 3 begins airing in the UK on BBC One on January 1st and follow in the U.S. on PBS on January 19th.