Watch: 70s ‘Wonder Woman’ TV Show Intro Redone with Gal Gadot & Chris Pine


You gotta love fan-made reimaginings.

With Wonder Woman being one of the most anticipated and buzzed about films of the moment, fans have been hitting YouTube with their own costume-changing spins on what’s come before. This one’s fun.

YouTube channel ScreenCrush have uploaded their own take on the intro of the 70s Wonder Woman television series, which starred Miss World America turned actress Lynda Carter in the lead role. The camp, retro stylings and theme song have been kept, with footage replaced with snippets from the new film starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. It’s funny seeing how a simple grade redo and sound replacement can suddenly turn a high-octane moment in current cinema to a dated, somewhat cheapy slice from yesteryear.


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Image credit: Clay Enos / Warner Bros.