Will Ferrell and Adam McKay Producing Manimal Movie


There’s a Manimal movie on the way, and none other than Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are behind it. Yes, the cult favourite 1980s TV show is getting a big-screen adaptation, a live-action/animation hybrid from Sony Pictures. Ferrell and McKay are producing.

Now, many not be aware that this show even existed, but you’ll understand why it’s to be a “live-action/animation hybrid” once we tell you the show’s plot. The NBC series centred on the character of Dr. Jonathan Chase (Simon MacCorkindale), a man who possessed the ability to turn himself into any animal he chose. Of course, he used this ability to help the police solve crimes.

Jay Martel and Ian Roberts, executive producers on Comedy Central’s Key and Peele, are set to pen the screenplay.

The original series managed to last 8 episodes thanks to its low ratings and was pretty much blasted by critics at the time. If this hero concept is ripe for a new breath of life, Ferrell and McKay may be just the right guys for the job.

“Like The Catcher in the Rye or The Sound and the Fury, Manimal has always been one of those elusive projects every producer dreams of taking to the silver screen,” McKay says. “I know the movie will be funny and entertaining but will it be the first film to win a Pulitzer? We’ll just have to see.”

Check out the awesomely dated intro for the 1983 series:

Source: THR