Warner Bros. Wants ‘Wonder Woman’ to Win Oscars

Image credit: Warner Bros.

When critical acclaim and a huge box office ain’t enough, aim for Oscar glory.

Warner Bros. has big Oscar plans for Wonder Woman. The film will reportedly be the focus of an awards-season campaign that will aim to make this the first-ever superhero film nominated for Best Picture.

Variety broke the news, reporting that internal discussions have been taking place at the studio looking at how best to ensure to the film is at the forefront for Academy voters. And it’s not only the Best Picture nod they’re after.

The potential campaign will apparently include a spotlight on Patty Jenkins for Best Director. Having Jenkins earn a nomination would be quite the feat, considering only one female director has ever won an Oscar (Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker) and no director has taken home the award for a superhero pic.

WB has yet to comment on the news, so it remains to be seen if this campaign goes ahead. There’s still a possibility it won’t, since Oscar campaigns can end up costing quite a lot – advertising, movie sendouts, travel costs for talent, etc.

It would be great to see a superhero film finally earn a Best Picture nomination. No comic adaptation has ever been nominated, even with widely acclaimed films such as The Dark Knight and Captain America: Winter Soldier, and the 2010 move to have up to 10 films in the Best Picture category as opposed to five.

Wonder Woman isn’t the only Warner Bros. film expected to have a big Oscar push. Christopher Nolan, who has three Oscar nominations but not one for directing, may be receiving a nod for his applauded film Dunkirk. The war film is also expected to be up for Best Picture when the nominations are announced on January 23, 2018.

The 90th Academy Awards ceremony, with Jimmy Kimmel back as host, will take place on March 4, 2018.

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Image credit: Warner Bros.
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