Wonder Woman Short Film to Be Released This Month


Reported by Justin Datu.


With the release of Warner Bros’ Batman and Superman movie featuring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill coming in 2015, the third member of DC’s premiere group of superheroes remains absent from the silver screen. Rainfall Films has taken it upon themselves to bring the beloved character of Wonder Woman to life with a short film to be released on September 30th 2013.

Having gained internet fame with their work on IGN’s April Fools video that tricked many fans into believing that a film based on the popular videogame series, The Legend of Zelda would be produced through a high quality fake trailer, the LA based production company announced the short film during San Diego Comic Con 2013 to a positive reception from fans.

Best known for her role in the viral video G33k & G4m3r Girls a.k.a. the “Geek and Gamer Girls Song” which reached over 1 million views in its first week on YouTube, actress Rileah Vanderbilt will bring to life the titular character and Sam Balcomb will direct.

Since Lynda Carter’s iconic television series, the character has not seen much luck in terms of live action movie or television success as CW’s Amazon television series, based on her earlier years, was put on hold and the NBC pilot by Ally McBeal’s David E. Kelley was panned by fans and critics alike.

Creators have long been trying to bring the character into the spotlight such as Max Landis, writer of the subversive superhero hit Chronicle, who revealed his plans to pitch a Wonder Woman movie to WB Executives on Reddit in September.

Joss Whedon famously pitched a Wonder Woman movie but was rejected. After tasting billion dollar success with The Avengers, Whedon spoke about why he thinks the character has not received the same attention her male peers have been given.

“She’s a tough nut to crack. I know she’s famous as a television show, but I don’t think she lends herself to television. I think she only works on an epic scale,” says Whedon. “I saw a bit of the David E. Kelley NBC pilot. That was not a good marriage.”

Rainfall Films’ short looks to bring the character back to her “epic”, myth oriented roots by focusing on “an incoming threat to Themyscira”, the mythical home of the Amazons.

The short film is currently in post-production and will be released on September 30th on the Rainfall Films website as well as on YouTube.

Source: Rainfall.tv

– J.D.