You’re Next & The Guest Director Chosen for Death Note Adaptation


Adam Wingard, the director of You’re Next and The Guest, has been hired to direct Warner Bros.’ upcoming adaptation of horror manga Death Note.

THR reports that Wingard will be moving onto the project after he directs The Woods, a Lionsgate horror film.

Death Note, which has previously been adapted in Japan, tells the story of a student who finds he can kill anyone by writing down their name in a supernatural notebook. While he decides to make it his mission to get rid of evil people, a reclusive cop keeps a close eye on him, starting a game of cat and mouse.

This project has seen some big names come and go, including directors Gus Van Sant and Shane Black, so here’s hoping Wingard sticks with it and it comes to life soon.

The most recent draft of the screenplay has been penned by Jeremy Slater, who co-wrote The Lazarus Effect and Twentieth Century Fox’s upcoming Fantastic Four.