10 Great Movies from 2020 You May Have Missed


While 2020 had so, so, so damn much wrong with it, there were thankfully some solid distractions provided from the world of film. But did you catch all of the great ones?

From the feel good, to the scary, to the emotional, here are 10 films (okay, one of which is a documentary) that may have gone under your radar in 2020.

Oh, and take note that we determined a ‘2020 release’ as a movie that had its arrival on Australian cinemas or streaming service sometime during the year. Release dates may have differed in overseas markets.

The Peanut Butter Falcon

We said:

The Peanut Butter Falcon is one of those movies that is almost impossible to dislike. And why would you? Trying to find fault in a story like this feels misguided at best and mean spirited at worst, because ultimately The Peanut Butter Falcon is a charming, funny adventure that just wants to lift your spirits.

Come to Daddy

We said:

A classic events-spiralling-out-of-control yarn told very well, and some lovely, imaginative blood and guts to contend with. […] A very entertaining debut that will greatly appeal to horror fiends and fans of black comedy.

Hearts and Bones

We said:

Hearts and Bones tries to cover a multitude of issues, from immigration to masculinity, and the fact it manages to do so, giving equal weighting to each one it tackles, solidifies the notion that it is indeed a classic piece of cinema.

On the Rocks

We said:

Intoxicating dialogue and grounded performances from Rashida Jones (a career-best) and Bill Murray […], On the Rocks is a character-driven discussion on feelings of inadequacy and the need for connection, poured into an inviting glass that only Sofia Coppola can serve up.

His House

We said:

His House is a harrowing watch at times, but it’s great to see a horror movie using the genre to tackle an important subject matter. The result is a unique take on the haunted house concept, and an intelligent and thought provoking ghost story. 


We said:

A fantastic cast […]. Waves is as in-your-face and brutal as it can be measured and heartfelt. A highly emotional film that can, in one way or another, resonate with many.


We said:

Running to a very brisk fifty-six minutes, Host manages to take the confines of the pandemic lockdown and turn what might appear to be problems, to its advantage. The Zoom conference concept works perfectly for a film of this style, using Zoom’s features to create scares and enforce a time limit on the proceedings.

The Willoughbys

We said:

Riding high on being delightfully morose, though not without a gooey centre, The Willoughbys‘ off-beat humour, talented voice cast, and elegant visuals make for a well-meaning romp that is perfect quarantine viewing.

For Sama

We said:

A documentary that will resonate with you for a long time. […] This is bold and passionate filmmaking. This is essential viewing. See it as soon as you can.

Lost Bullet

We said:

Lost Bullet offers up more anti-heroes, double crosses and tumbling automobiles than you can shake a (gear?) stick at. Lost Bullet is taking its cues from ’80s action television, so if that sounds appealing, you’ll find a whole lot to enjoy here and should make sure Lost Bullet goes straight on your Watch List.