10 Worst Movies of 2016

Image via Walt Disney Pictures

The seemingly cursed year that was 2016 brought us many, many things we’d rather forget. You can count quite a few films among them.

It’s been a year of bad comedies, way too many horrific sequels and cash-grabs that fooled no one. The Reel Word team members all put forth their suggestions for this year’s stinkers, and with the sheer number of horrible entries, it was no easy task bringing the list down to ten. We managed.

Brace yourselves, here are ten of the worst films 2016 has had to offer, with another ten Dishonourable Mentions thrown in for good measure:

Alice Through the Looking Glass

What we said:

A follow-up that is, at best, a visual distraction for confused little ones and, at worst, an eye-rollingly dull CG fest that will have parents imploring their children to take a bathroom break.

Independence Day: Resurgence

What we said:

Independence Day: Resurgence fizzles away, a highly forgettable sci-fi outing that crumbles under the weight of carelessness and the absence of that one thing you need in films like this: Fun.

Underworld: Blood Wars

What we said:

It’s difficult to find anything to salvage with a tired excuse for a franchise extension like this. It’s a dreary actioner that ticks off what it assumes are the very basics, but fails at the bare minimum.

Zoolander 2

What we said:

The film wants to be a comedy packed with so many laughs, that it barely delivers any. Random gags and jokes fly at you every second here, which is all well and good, but there doesn’t seem to be enough care placed on the set up or the punchline to deliver any effective results.

Bad Santa 2

What we said:

Bad Santa 2 discards the [first film’s] positive factors to focus almost exclusively on rude humour, which wouldn’t be a terrible thing–if there were more than a few smirks to be found.

Suicide Squad

What we said:

A congestion of personalities, abilities, back-stories and an ill-conceived antagonist can result in a bloated mess, and as far as I’m concerned, Suicide Squad is precisely that.


What we said:

The frivolity that made the Firefly clan so entertaining in [Rob Zombie’s] first two films has been replaced with ugly nihilism and pretentious dialogue in 31, showing little regard for the value of entertainment.


What we said:

What works in the film is scarcely more than adequate and what doesn’t is at best irritating and loud. And at its worst, Grimsby is simply uninspired and utterly forgettable.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

What we said:

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies never quite shakes off its own crippling sense of insecurity. In trying to please everyone, it satisfies no one.

Dirty Grandpa

What we said:

Many moments come across as tired, awkward and gross. It can’t be more expensive to hire some talented writers than it is to stage an unfunny highway car chase scene with our main character driving an ice-cream truck.

Dishonourable mentions: