12 Movie & TV Cars We Wish We Owned


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Image via Paramount Pictures | Skydance Productions
Image via Paramount Pictures | Skydance Productions

When a car becomes just as important to the film/TV show and its legacy as the actor inside it, you know it’s something special.

Just in time for the return of Jack Reacher, who drove the hell out of his Chevrolet Chevelle in the first film, we’ve picked 12 famous movie cars we absolutely love and wished we owned – from The Green Hornet‘s ’66 Chrysler to The Dark Knight‘s 2005 Customized “Lamborghini Tank.” So what if these cars make you and your vehicle feel worthless? Think of the insurance costs on these bad boys, compared to your car which you can probably find some cheap monthly car insurance deals on. Who’s the real winner?

Take note, folks: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is in cinemas today, October 20.

  • Goldfinger ““ 1963 Aston Martin Db5


James Bond has a legacy of famous cars and gadgets which can be traced back to one car, the modified Aston Martin. Aston Martin being one of the most iconic British car brands. What’s a spy car without machine guns and an ejector seat?

  • The Love Bug ““ 1962 Volkswagen Beetle


The 1960s brought with it a beetle craze and the most famous bug of all: Herbie, a little race car with a big personality.

  • The Green Hornet ““ 1966 Chrysler Imperial


The weapon-enhanced Black Beauty was integral in assisting the Green Hornet (Van Williams) and Kato (Bruce Lee) as they fought crime and infiltrated gangs.

  • Starsky and Hutch ““ 1975 Ford Gran Torino


The long-running television show made the car popular, but the 2004 film made it infamous, with 10 of them being destroyed during filming.

  • Mad Max ““ 1974 Customized Ford Falcon Xb Interceptor


Aussies are just as power hungry as Americans when it comes to cars, so when Mad Max came around we souped up the already popular Ford Falcon with a supercharger.

  • Miami Vice ““ 1972 Ferrari Daytona Spyder / 1986 Ferrari Testarossa


Miami Vice has become a cult program for car lovers, with the white Ferrari helping Sonny Crockett infiltrate the high-rolling world of drugs, prostitution and other illegalities that supported Miami’s crime empire.

  • Knight Rider ““ 1982 Customized Pontiac Trans Am


KITT was more than just a car, it was equipped with an artificially intelligent computer module that assisted Michael Knight, aka a young David Hasselhoff, fight crime.

  • Back to the Future ““ 1982 Delorean Dmc-12


This stainless steel stunner was an eighties dream, transporting Doc and Marty McFly through time once reaching 88 mph. Don’t forget the flux capacitor!

  • Ghostbusters ““ 1959 Cadillac Miller-meteor Hearse


The Ecto-1 just needs some suspension and shocks, but hey, the old ambulance was only $4800!

  • The Fast and the Furious ““ 1970 Dodge Charger


The Dodge Charger is an official movie star, famously starring in The Dukes of Hazzard and Dirty Mary Crazy Larry. Fast forward to 2000 and this time the Charger is a black street-racing machine. Those looking to pick up a modern example of this iconic model, although hopefully not for street-racing, may want to take a look at this Dodge New Jersey dealership’s inventory.

  • The Dark Knight ““ 2005 Customized “Lamborghini Tank”


Just like Bond cars, Batman’s vehicles have transcended generations and transformed from flashy to militaristic. What makes Christopher Nolan’s car unique is that it’s very real, not just a movie prop.

  • Jack Reacher – 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS


Every hub smash, drift and gear shift was completed by Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher, who treats his Chevelle as a bumper car in a memorable chase scene.

The Chevelle is just one symbol of Reacher’s old school approach to police work which is unpolished, gritty and exceeds all expectations. Catch Reacher once again in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, in cinemas October 20.