‘A Family Affair’ Trailer: Nicole Kidman & Zac Efron Are Hooking Up in Netflix Rom-Com


The trailer has dropped for Netflix’s upcoming romantic comedy, A Family Affair, starring Joey King, Nicole Kidman, and Zac Efron. Watch it above.

Imagine walking in on your mum… with your boss. Awkward, right? That’s the setup in A Family Affair, where Zara (King), her mum Brooke (Kidman), and her movie star boss Chris (Efron) navigate a messy web of love, sex, and identity.

“I saw in it a coming-of-age story for three different characters at three different stages of their lives,” director Richard Lagravenese, known for Beautiful Creatures and P.S. I Love You, told Netflix’s Tudum. Reflecting on his own life, he added, “I was going through my own sort of transition into what [American author and journalist] Gail Sheehy called Second Adulthood, where after you’ve fulfilled all your expectations and you’ve been what you need to be for everyone else, and you’ve achieved something and children are grown and all that stuff, you get a chance of being who you are and the things that you lost along the way.”

Kidman’s character, Brooke, embarks on a similar journey throughout the film. However, she’s not alone; her daughter Zara must come of age in her own right, grappling with the uncomfortable overlap of her professional and personal lives. “I love Zara’s constant frustration,” King shared. “She cracks me up because she’s self-aware enough to know she’s an angsty adult but also has a great sense of humour and absolutely adores the people that drive her the craziest.”

A Family Affair, with a cast that also includes Liza Koshy, Kathy Bates and Shirley MacLaine, premieres on Netflix on June 28th.