‘Armageddon Time’ Trailer: Anne Hathaway, Anthony Hopkins, Jeremy Strong in Coming-of-Age Drama

Universal Pictures

The trailer has arrived for Armageddon Time, which, despite its title, is actually not an end-of-the-world sci-fi blockbuster. 

A semi-autobiographical drama from writer-director James Grey (We Own the Night, Ad Astra, The Immigrant), Armageddon Time is a coming-of-age story about the strength of family and the generational pursuit of the American Dream, dealing with issues such as class and race.

An impressive cast here, including Anthony Hopkins, Anne Hathaway, Jeremy Strong, and Jessica Chastain. Banks Repeta (The Black Phone) plays the young protagonist.

In Australia, Armageddon Time will open on November 3rd. The films hits U.S. cinemas in limited capacity on October 28th, before opening wide on November 11th.

Universal Pictures