‘The Bandit Hound’ MOVIE REVIEW: Leave This One for the Kids

Image via All in Films
Image via All in Films

A cleverly trained Australian Shepherd is the hero and star of this movie.

The Bandit Hound is a mildly amusing story about a very intelligent pooch trained for all things illegal, primarily being a master thief. Bandit is quite the unsuspecting criminal, helping sinister, but not so smart crooks Manny (Judd Nelson) and Willy (Lou Ferrigno) to rob banks. When their hideaway is discovered by the cops, Manny and Willy make good their escape while Bandit is caught and taken to the local animal rescue, where he is eventually put up for adoption. Manny sets about trying to track down this money-pilfering hound, who is now helping his new adoptive family – single mom Joanne (Catherine Bell) and son Owen (Nicholas Alexander) – with their money woes by resorting to his criminal ways.

Although it takes quite some time to get into the thick of the story line, The Bandit Hound will manage to keep youngsters of about 4-10 years of age entertained as they watch Bandit create all sorts of mischief and strife. The striking-looking pooch captures the screen with his adept ability to help himself to wallets, jewellery and cash bags, but it’s the mediocre screenplay and overly generalised plot that ultimately lets the movie down. Kudos to Joe Flanigan (Stargate Atlantis) and Judd Nelson (Breakfast Club), who do their best to keep the movie alive, with Lou Ferrigno and Verne Troyer putting some much-needed humour into the picture. At the end of the day, it’s the antics of Bandit that will keep young minds amused for the thankfully short run-time.

While not a blockbuster hit, The Bandit Hound will provide a somewhat enjoyable night of entertainment for the kids.