Ten of the Best 2019 Movies You May Have Missed


You just can’t see them all, right?

2019 brought a number of great films that managed to earn acclaim and draw audiences, but some, for one reason or another, unfortunately flew under the radar of most viewers. From a Danish masterclass in suspense, to a sweet Aussie rom-com, to a seriously messed-up bit of cult horror, here are ten fantastic films that may you have missed in 2019. Track ’em down asap! And in case you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to peruse our TEN OF 2019’S BEST MOVIES list.

Note: all the following films had their Australian release dates in 2019.

In no particular order…


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a masterclass in suspense, which relies heavily on its great lead performance and uses every frame to maximum effect. […] MÓ§ller’s direction is calculated and strong, with an expert knowledge of pacing and critical timing. In a script he co-wrote with Emil Nygaard Albertsen (The Elite), he has fashioned a thriller with the precision of Hitchcock, and successfully conjured an abduction so vivid that little imagination is required of the viewer.



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Rom-coms wouldn’t be rom-coms without the clichés and familiar dilemmas, and Top End Wedding has them all– but it also has an abundance of culture and a strong sense of belonging. […] Fun? Check! Funny? Check! Moving? Check! Yep, add this to your list of films to see this year.


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Ben-Shlush […] offers an impeccably raw turn that speaks to an Israel caught somewhere between progressivism and traditionalism. Her performance is enhanced thanks to the film’s lack of score ““ a move that allows the acting and script to speak on their own, and lends the film a further sense of realism. […] Working Woman is a confronting look at contemporary sexism.



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… an endearing and hilarious coming-of-age adventure. […] Those who enjoy edgy comedy will walk away from Good Boys having been treated to a heartfelt story of mateship and growing up.


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An intelligent film that is rich in texture, high on intrigue and entirely compelling. Freaks is a full-bodied movie going experience and one of the most thought-provoking films of the year.


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In today’s divisive political climate, Official Secrets feels like a timely arrival, and […] it avoids any overtly biased leanings as it highlights the importance of media, public interest, disclosure and accountability. […] It is an absolute nail-biting story that my poor mangled fingernails can certainly attest to.


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Set over several weeks, The Realm feels like we’re watching his fall in real time. It’s pulse-raising and not what you’d expect from a film ostensibly set around ““ ahem ““ land development. Put simply, The Realm is riveting stuff.



Our thoughts…

Midsommar is unconventional in that it does not intend to terrify you; it prefers to build on a rising sense of dread to gradually unsettle the viewer, and it is this ability to be uncomfortable and really get under your skin that makes Midsommar an essential, albeit weird and messed up, watch.


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[…] There’s a knowingness to Wrinkles that extends beyond the aforementioned re-enactments. Nichols gives the audience a peek behind the mask, and what we’re offered will not be to everyone’s taste.  In a way, Wrinkles shares the same space as Robert Green’s Kate Plays Christine and Banksy’s Exit Through the Gift Shop, blurring the line between fact and fiction. Which makes complete sense. […] A fascinating documentary that will infuriate some, Wrinkles, like Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman’s Catfish, is best seen without knowing too much beforehand. Coulrophobes need not apply.



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Stan & Ollie is wonderful. It is a sweet, endearing and fanciful film with its heart on its sleeve and nostalgia on its mind. Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly […] serve up two of my favourite performances of the year so far.