‘Britney Vs. Spears’ Trailer: Netflix Documentary Sheds Light On the Popstar’s Battle with Her Conservatorship


Netflix has released the official trailer for Britney Vs. Spears, a documentary looking at the singer’s tumultuous and, particularly of late, very public battle to end the conservatorship that’s hung over her for around 13 years.

As you may have heard, Spears has been fighting to have the conservatorship controlling much of her life lifted – and she’s had the support of many to get it done (#FreeBritney has been a trending movement for a while now). In the US, a conservatorship allows a judge to appoint someone as a “guardian” to essentially manage the finances and even the daily life of another person if they are deemed to have physical or mental limitations. Following a troubled year for Britney, 2008 saw conservatorship placed on her father, James P. “Jamie” Spears. Just this past month, Jamie has agreed to step down, and things seem to be moving in a positive direction for Spears.

“Featuring years-long investigative work, exclusive interviews and new documents, this Netflix feature film paints a thorough portrait of the pop star’s trajectory from girl next door to a woman trapped by fame and family and her own legal status,” reads Netflix’s synopsis. “Text messages and a voicemail as well as new interviews with key players make clear what Britney herself has attested: the full story has yet to be told.”

The documentary was directed by Erin Lee Carr, whose previous doco credits include HBO titles Mommy Dead and Dearest (about the real mother and daughter depicted in The Act) and At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal, as well as 2020 Netflix mini-docuseries How to Fix a Drug Scandal.

Not long until it drops! Britney Vs. Spears will be streaming on Netflix from September 28th.


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