DISNEY+ Australia: JANUARY 2023 Release Schedule (With Trailers)

Left to Right: ‘Koala Man’, ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ season 2 and ‘Barbarian’

Australia: Here’s your complete schedule of JANUARY 2023 release dates for streaming service DISNEY+, with trailers included!

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4 January

  • Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Disney+ Original, Season 2 Premiere

Months have passed since the events on Kamino and the Bad Batch continue their journey navigating the Empire after the fall of the Republic. They will cross paths with friends and foes, both new and familiar, as they take on a variety of thrilling mercenary missions that will take them to unexpected and dangerous new places.

  • Alaska Daily – STAR Original


  • The French Mans – Season 2, International
  • Runaway – International
  • Taiwan Crime Stories – International


  • Barbarian 


  • Atlanta: Seasons 1-3

6 January

  • If These Walls Could Sing – Disney+ Original, Premiere

For more than 90 years, Abbey Road Studios has been at the heart of the music industry. In this personal film of memory and discovery, Mary McCartney guides us through nine decades to see and experience the creative magic that makes it the most famous and longest-running studio in the world. From classical to pop, film scores to hip-hop, “If These Walls Could Sing” explores the breadth, diversity and ingenuity of Abbey Road Studios. Intimate interviews reveal how leading artists, producers, composers and the dedicated engineers and staff of Abbey Road all found their musical language and community, while vivid archive footage and session tapes give exclusive access to these famously private studios.


  • Ghost Rider
  • The Punisher


  • Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration 
  • Baby Sharks
  • Soul of a Nation Presents: Mi Gente: Groundbreakers and Changemakers
  • Norman Lear: 100 Years of Music and Laughter

9 January

  • Koala Man – Series Premiere

Koala Man follows middle-aged dad Kevin and his titular not-so-secret identity, whose only superpower is a burning passion for following rules and snuffing out petty crime in the town of Dapto. Though it may seem like any other Australian suburb, forces of evil both cosmic and man-made lie in wait to pounce on unsuspecting Daptonians. On a quest to clean up his hometown, and often roping his frustrated family into his adventures, Koala Man stands at the ready. He’ll do whatever it takes to defeat villainous masterminds, supernatural horrors, or worse: jerks who don’t take their rubbish bins down on the proper days.

11 January

  • Chasing Waves – Disney+ Original, Series Premiere (All Episodes)

In the wake of surfing’s Olympic debut in Tokyo, “Chasing Waves” shines a spotlight on the people and places that are defining Japan’s reach in the global surf culture. This character-driven documentary series follows multicultural athletes in pursuit of their dreams, paints a captivating picture of Japanese life and showcases what it takes to succeed in the international surf industry.

Disney+ Original:

  • Gina Yei – International
  • America’s National Parks: Season 1 – Series

13 January

  • The Flagmakers – Disney+ Original


  • Retrograde
  • The Territory


  • Avatar: The Deep Dive – A Special Edition of 20/20

18 January

Disney+ Original:

  • King Shakir Recycle – International

STAR Original:

  • Super Junior: The Last Man Standing – International

20 January

  • Idina Menzel: Which Way to the Stage? – Disney+ Original

STAR Original:

  • The Heir: The Freestyle Dynasty – International

25 January

  • Extraordinary – STAR Original, Series Premiere (All Episodes)

Welcome to a world where everyone over the age of 18 develops a superpower. Everyone except for 25-year-old Jen, who feels like she’s being left behind. Luckily, Jen’s flatmates – Carrie, Kash, and a mysterious stray – keep her from falling into a well of self-pity. Adrift in a big, confusing world, and armed with nothing but a bit of hope and a lot of desperation, Jen begins her journey to find her maybe-superpower. But in doing so, she might discover the joy of simply being ordinary instead.

STAR Original:

  • Commander Fort – International

27 January

STAR Original:

  • Darby and the Dead

New Episodes

  • Welcome to Chippendales Finale 3 January
  • Willow New episodes weekly on Wednesdays, finale 11 January
  • Abbott Elementary: Season 2 New episodes weekly on Wednesdays
  • National Treasure: Edge of History New episodes weekly on Wednesdays
  • Between the World and Us New episodes weekly on Wednesdays, finale 25 January
  • Big Bet New episodes weekly on Wednesdays, finale 25 January
  • Big Sky Season 3 Midseason return 18 January, new episodes weekly
  • Criminal Minds Season 16 New episodes weekly on Fridays
  • Dino Ranch New episodes 4 January
  • Gannibal New episodes weekly on Wednesdays
  • Men on a Mission New episodes weekly on Wednesdays
  • Dina Ranch Season 2 New Episodes